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Article – Journal of Advanced Chemical Sciences

Journal of Advanced Chemical Sciences, Volume 4,Issue 1,2018 Pages 525-530

Growth of Literature and Measures of Scientific Productivity of Indian Chemical Science Research during 2002-2016
M. Chaman Sab*, P. Dharani Kumar, B.S. Biradar


This study reports the data analysis of chemical science research World and India during 2002-2016. Different data sets have been used for application of different indicators, publications, growth rate, areas of research and discussing its media of communication, strength and weakness in the areas of research, quality of research output, nature of highly cited papers, collaboration (national and international). The analysis of chemical science has finds the publications share of India during 2002-2016 was 5.46%, which has increased from 3.94 in 2002 to 6.99 in 2016 and it is observed from the study that the percentage of India’s papers compared to that of the world’s papers. India, share of science and technology research output increased from 3.94% in 2002 to 6.99% in 2016. The study shows a significant increase and suggests a 5.30% average growth in the yearly share and data has been collected from Web of Science database.

Keywords: Chemical Science; Scientometrics; Scientific Productivity;