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Article – Journal of Advanced Chemical Sciences

Journal of Advanced Chemical Sciences, Volume 4,Issue 1,2018 Pages 531-533

Comparison of Esterifying Ability of Some Lipases
V.S. Gamayurova*, Mataz J. Jamai, S.K. Zaripova, K.L. Shnaider, N.I. Bildanova, M.N. Chernykh


The esterification activity of some commercial lipases was examined. The comparison of the enzymatic activities was carried out in regard to the synthesis of esters of lower aliphatic acids and alcohols. The highest esterifying ability was shown by the enzyme preparation Novozym 435 which quickly starts the process. The conversion of used acids was 70 - 82% within 0.5 hours, and reached 90% of conversion in 1 hour of reaction. Similar efficacy shows Novozym 40086. This enzyme preparation provides 90% conversion of the acids in two hours of process. The enzyme preparation Lipozyme TLIM provides conversion of the used acids on 84 – 90% in three hours of process. The enzyme preparation Lipozyme CALB is less effective on the used acids. Thus, in the synthesis of aliphatic esters the esterifying ability of enzyme preparations in the studied conditions decreases in a row: Novozym 435, Novozym 40086, Lipozyme TLIM, Lipozyme CALB. Pancreatic lipase in the synthesis of butyl butyrate detects an induction period of about 1 hour.

Keywords: Lipases; Esterification; Fragrant Substances; Esters;