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Article – Journal of Advanced Chemical Sciences

Journal of Advanced Chemical Sciences, Volume 1,Issue 3,2015 Pages 82-85

Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using the Leaf Extracts and Their Microbial Activity
J.D. Patel, U. Panchal, M. Panchal, B.A. Makwana*

Development of green nano technology is generating interest of researchers toward ecofriendly biosynthesis of nano particles. In the present study, we report the bio synthesis of aqueous stable silver nanoparticles by using argemone mexicana (darudi) and ocimum tenuiflorum (tulsi) leaf extract as both reducing and capping agents. The plant extract capped silver nanoparticles (AgNps) were found to be

highly stable over a long period of time. AgNps were characterized by UV/Vis-spectroscopy, particle size analyzer (PSA), transmission electron mictroscopy (TEM) and electron diffraction (EDX). Further, the AgNps showed high antimicrobial and bactericidal activity against bacteria such as Escherichia coliStaphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa found highly strain.
Keywords: Green Synthesis; AgNps; Antimicrobial Studies