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Article – Journal of Advanced Chemical Sciences

Journal of Advanced Chemical Sciences, Volume 2,Issue 2,2016 Pages 241-245

Progress in the Growth and Characterization of Nano-Structured Bismuth Ferrite Thin Films
Kirtika Sharma, Arun Singh*

In recent years, multiferroic thin films have generated an enormous amount of interest due to their potential application in memory devices, photovoltaic, spintronics, etc. Bismuth Ferrite (BFO) is one of the most extensively studied materials because it is the only material that exhibit magnetic order (TN= 643 K) and ferroelectric order (Tc=1103 K) above room temperature. This multiferroic has the potential applications in non-volatile memory devices, sensing devices, solar cells, spintronics. Researchers have been extensively working in this field of the perovskite to unearth the unanswered questions concerning its structure and phase diagrams and to exploit its properties for its various device applications. Obtaining a pure single-phase product has been problematic in the synthesis of BFO since its temperature range is very narrow and easy introduction of impurities. A wide range of investigations devoted to the synthesis of BFO using different techniques and parameters to determine the optimal conditions for the pure phase formation have been reviewed. The growth and characterization of BFO thin films have been reviewed.

Keywords: Bismuth Ferrite; Multiferroic; Thin Films;