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Article – Journal of Advanced Chemical Sciences

Journal of Advanced Chemical Sciences, Volume 2,Issue 2,2016 Pages 279-283

Physicochemical Study on Solvation Behavior of Biologically Active Molecules in Aqueous 18C6 Systems
Mahendra Nath Roy*, Subhankar Choudhury, Kanak Roy

The density (ρ), viscosity (η) and refractive index (nD) of some biologically active molecules (glycine, L-alanine, and L-isoleucine) have been determined in different mass fractions (w1 = 0.001, 0.003, 0.005) of aqueous 18-crown-6 (18C6) solutions at three different temperatures. The limiting apparent molar volumes, experimental slopes have been found out from the Masson equation. A- and B-coefficients have been obtained from the Jones−Dole equation. The Lorentz−Lorenz equation has been employed to measure molar refractions (𝑅𝑀). The standard volumes of transfer and solvation number of the amino acids have been considered for rationalizing various molecular interactions in the ternary solutions. Group contribution from charged end groups (NH3+, COO-), -CH2 and the alkyl groups of amino acids has been determined using a group additive approach. The results have been discussed in terms of ion-dipolar, hydrophilic-hydrophobic and hydrophobic-hydrophobic group interactions as well as thermodynamic parameters.

Keywords: Non-Covalent Interaction; Group Contribution; Solvation; Thermodynamic Contribution;