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Article – Journal of Advanced Chemical Sciences

Journal of Advanced Chemical Sciences, Volume 2,Issue 2,2016 Pages 284-288

New Synthesis Process of Crystalline Phase - Pure Faujasite Zeolite Material from Sialic Type Coal Fly Ash
N.L. Subbulekshmi, E. Subramanian*

Zeolite materials obtained from coal fly ash usually contain undesired mineral impurities and so an effort to achieve the single phase zeolite is important. In this paper, the synthesis of pure faujasite (FAU) type zeolite X from pretreated sialic type coal fly ash was carried out. Special attention was paid to convert coal fly ash into FAU type zeolite X using many pretreatment processes involving water, acid (HCl), base (NaOH) and calcination followed by fusion with NaOH at 550 °C, ageing and crystallization. All the materials were characterized by XRF, XRD, FTIR, SEM-EDX and BET methods. The results indicate that single phase (pure) zeolite NaX crystal (Faujasite type) could be obtained in the process: fusing of acid treated fly ash with NaOH (ratio 1:1.3) at 550 °C, aging 6 h and crystallization temperature 90 °C.
Keywords: Coal Fly Ash; Zeolite; X Faujasite; Hydrothermal Treatment;