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Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 1,Issue 1,2015 Pages 32-35

Binary Plural Concept of Evolution of Animate Nature
A. Tetior*

Known theories of evolution and natural selection do not correspond to the actual diversity of ways of nature development. This is due to the limitations of simplified thinking associated with the structure of the man’s brain. From here is a limited number of directions of evolution and selection. Author proposes the new representation of the binary plural ways of evolution with a balancing branching development, which fit into known forms of natural selection and evolution. Evolution has binary plural directions; natural animate organisms have greater adaptability, smaller adaptability, or bad adaptability. Therefore, in the finest progressive living organism, in progressive population, there are oft many signs of retrogression. Does the natural selection adapts each living form slowly and perfectly, as believed Ch. Darwin? Does the world of nature is perfect, as believed K. Timirjasev? No, the world of nature is binary plural world, perfect and far from perfect, with many intermediate forms, and natural selection is diverse in its results.

Keywords: Natural Selection; Binary Plural Evolution; Plurality of Selection Ways; Adaptability; Inexpediency of Selection;