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Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 1,Issue 1,2015 Pages 36-38

Meanings of Being and of Life: Universe, Earth, Man
A. Tetior*

The study and analysis of problem of meaning of being of Earth and Universe, of life of separate persons and of all humanity, are very important aims of humanity. The research is based on the representation about the binary plural world, developing with bifurcations and subsequent convergences. Humanity and individuals are constantly trying to find meaning (sense) in his life, the meaning of being of the natural environment of the Earth, and of the Universe. Meanings of being and life are the essence, destination, and value of being and life. There is critical and unresolved question of existence of the Universe, Earth and humanity: what is the meaning of creation, evolution, and devolution of the Universe, Earth, animate and non-living nature, including humanity? Is there any meaning in these subjects and phenomena? The scientifically well-founded answer may be in our opinion: all subjects and phenomena of Universe, of Earth, of humanity have meanings. Holism of the World and solar system (the cause-effect relation and conditionality of subjects and phenomena of Universe and solar system) is graphic evidence of its independence from human activity, of evidence of unconditional meaning of existence of the Universe and solar system. The overall objective of animate nature is the resistance to entropy and chaos, support of natural evolution. Meaning of person includes binary plurality of meanings – from completely positive meaning to negative meaning and pointlessness of life.

Keywords: Meaning (Sense) of life; Meaning of Man Life; Pointlessness of Man Life; Negentropic Living Systems;