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Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 2,Issue 1,2016 Pages 39-41

Natural Radioactivity Levels in Soil Samples for Some Locations of Missan Government, Iraq
A.Z. Jassim, H.H. Al-Gazaly, A.A. Abojassim*

The level of natural radioactivity in soil of 20 mining samples collected from locations in Missan, Iraq. Concentrations of radionuclides in samples were determined by using NaI(Tl) (3x3). The obtained results of specific activity (Bqkg-1) for each radionuclide in every soil sample and compared with the worldwide average and permissible limits as recommended by UNSCEAR 2008. The values of specific activity for 238U have been found to lie in the range of 14.6±2.32 to 41.08±2.55 Bqkg-1 with a mean value of 21.19±2.33 Bqkg-1, the values of specific activity for 232Th 7.88±0.47 to 16.06±0.48 Bqkg-1 with mean value of 9.72±0.47 Bqkg-1 and the values of specific activity for 40K from 372.67±4.53 to 667.83±6.01 Bqkg-1 with a mean value of 453.91±5.58 Bqkg-1. The average values of Raeq, AD, AED (indoor and outdoor), Hex, Hin and (Iγ) were 66.55±10.61 Bqkg-1, 34.58 nGhy-1, 0.169 mSvy-1, 0.042 mSvy-1, 0.189, 0.2825 and 50.27. It can be concluded that the study area is safe radioactive except for some samples were found high activities need to be further studies.

Keywords: Natural Radioactivity; Gamma Spectroscope; Missan Government;