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Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 2,Issue 1,2016 Pages 60-63

Presence of Cd, Co, Mg, Ni and Hg in Commercially Important Shrimp and Water Sediments Collected from Gorai Creak of Mumbai Suburb of (West Coast) India
G.V. Zodape*, M.A. Tayade

The research paper is focused on distribution of toxic metal in various tissues of different shrimp species, and in surface and bottom water sediments. The possible roles of these trace elements in this regard are emphasized. Moreover, patterns of toxic metal bioaccumulation and their order of occurrence have been evaluated. Another part of this paper deals with comparison of the related data from different aquatic environments as well as existing guidelines and limits for human consumption. Comparison between the mean concentrations of the toxic metal in Carapace, gills, remaining body tissues and whole body tissues and in water samples are compared with existing guidelines indicate that the concentrations of Mg was found well below the permissible levels for human consumption whereas no Hg was detected in all the shrimp as well as in water samples because its concentration is less than 0.0001 ppm). However the concentrations of Cd and Co and Ni were observed somewhat greater than some of the recommended levels as prescribed by FAO/ WHO and cited literature.

Keywords: Toxic Metals; Creak; Shrimps; Sediments;