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Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 2,Issue 4,2016 Pages 126-128

Abundance and Species Composition of Mole Crab, Emerita asiatica in the Intertidal Beach Sediment of Gopalpur, East Coast of India
S. Samantaray, L. Nayak. M.P. Pati, S.D. Sharma*

Research on sand crab or mole crab (Emerita) has been reported through many parts of the world with special reference to pharmacological, biological and ecological prospective. Seasonal distributional pattern of Emerita species in relation to water quality has been studied along the East Coast of India. But there is no research and reviews were found along the Odisha Coast although Odisha is one of the maritime states of India. Hence the present investigation is an attempt to know the abundance, species composition and distribution of mole crab, Emerita asiatica in the intertidal beach sediment of Gopalpur. Gopalpur coast is situated latitude 19.27° N and longitude 84.92° E, East coast of India. The mole crab Emerita asiatica were collected month wise from Gopalpur coast during 2011 and 2012. The numbers of mole crab from each month of both the year are noted. After collecting the mole crab Emerita asiatica were separated depending on their sex. The abundance and distribution of mole crab in the Gopalpur sandy beach varied from season to seasons. During the period of research, it was concluded that male population was more than the female and ovigerous female population from the month of February to the month of July. Male population was less than the female and the ovigerous female during the month of August to January in both the years.

Keywords: Mole Crab; Species Composition; Intertidal Beach; Gopalpur; East Coast of India;