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Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 3,Issue 1,2017 Pages 156-159

Management of Lead Phytoremediated Aquatic Ferns (Salvinia cucullata Seg. and Salvinia molesta D. Mitch) Through Composting and Vermicomposting
M. Mishra, A. Mohapatra, K.B. Satapathy*

Water is the elixir of life and a universal solvent that carries varietal wastes. This contaminated water with toxic and undesirable heavy metals is a serious environmental problem which may be solved with phytoremediation. In the present investigation, the aquatic fern Salvinia cucullata Seg. and Salvinia molesta D. Mitch were treated with 50 ppm concentrations of Pb(NO3)2 solutions, which was below their lethal concentrations value. A comparative study was undertaken both in composting and vermicomposting by utilizing these treated aquatic ferns to determine the effect upon the quality of soil. All the composting and vermicomposting units enhance soil organic carbon [(1.95% - S. molesta vermicompost), (1.65% - Treated S. molesta vermicompost), (1.46% - S. molesta compost), (1.34% - S. cucullata vermicompost)] and NPK content. Between the two sets of treatments, phytoremediated aquatic fern amendments showed less enzymatic activities than the naturally grown aquatic fern amendment treatments in both normal composting and vermicomposting processes. The vermicompost made of treated aquatic ferns showed EC (electrical conductivity) and Pb (lead) within the permissible limit and was found little higher [(128.48 mg/kg - Treated S. cucullata compost), (97.13 mg/kg - treated S. molesta compost) in composting unit. However, the results of the present investigation indicated that the conversion of aquatic fern biomass into compost or vermicompost can be recommended as an effective and eco-friendly technology for not only to overcome their disposal problem but also can be used as fertilizer for sustainable production in agriculture.

Keywords: Aquatic Fern; Salvinia cucullata; Salvinia molesta; Phytoremediation;