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Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 3,Issue 1,2017 Pages 164-166

Environmental Pollution Knowledge Level of Farmers in Najaf Governorate, Republic of Iraq
Laith Jaafar Hussein Hnoosh*

This research focused to identify the level of knowledge of farmers to environmental pollution damages and risks and their relationship with some of the variables where the taking of a random sample of (200) farmer in Najaf governorate Republic of Iraq, and for this purpose form has been designed a questionnaire that included a group of statements and questions and preliminary testing to ensure its sincerity and constancy, where the results of the search of a marked decline in the level of knowledge of farmers to environmental pollution damages where there are about (52.5%) of farmers are among the average level while there was (26%) and (21.5%) are among the low level of tertiary respectively. As indicated by the results of research that there is a moral relationship between the level of knowledge of farmers with variables (level of education and the type of possession of rocket-propelled grenades z agricultural) for farmers as the value of Chi-square was (13.8 and 23.24) respectively at significance level of (0.05), while there was no relation with variable (age) where the value of Chi-square was (7.72) on significance level of 0.05. This calls attention to the awareness of these farmers to the risks of environmental pollution damages through various media and the involvement of farmers’ courses and seminars on the subject to contribute to raising the level of their knowledge and to avoid its risks and damages.

Keywords: Environmental Pollution; Agricultural Extension; Farmers; Najaf Governorate of Iraq;