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Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 1,Issue 1,2015 Pages 15-16

A Study of Ground Water Quality on the Bank of Santhanavarthini River, Dindigul Town, Tamil Nadu, India
A. Pandia Rajan, A. Sahaya Raja, V. Prathipa, M.S. Dheenadayalan*

Groundwater samples were collected from different locations in and around Santhanavarthini River, Dindigul town, Tamil Nadu. Ten groundwater samples were analyzed for their physico-chemical characteristics. The obtained results are compared with the WHO standards. The samples were subjected to physico-chemicals analysis. Total dissolved solids (TDS), total hardness, chloride and sulphate, phosphate, dissolved oxygen, mg, chemical oxygen demand (COD), and demand oxygen (DO) values are exceeded the permissible limit of WHO standards in most of the ground groundwater samples.

Keywords: Physico-Chemical Characteristics; Ground Water Quality; Santhanavarthini River;