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Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 3,Issue 3,2017 Pages 213-218

Physicochemical Characteristics of Soil and Health Risk Assessment of Potentially Toxic Metals in Soil and Vegetables from Roadside Farmlands in Iwo, Southwestern Nigeria
G.O. Olutona, J.A.O. Oyekunle*, M.O. Dawodu, T.O. Ogunwale, P. Kehinde

This study assessed the levels of potentially toxic metals in soil and vegetables from farmlands along major roads in Iwo, Southwestern Nigeria. Health risk assessments were performed by assessing chronic daily intake (CDI) for soil and target hazard quotient (THQ) for vegetables. The results showed that concentrations of potentially toxic metals in vegetables assessed were significantly higher at farmland sites along the major roads compared to that of the control site. The calculated CDI for carcinogenic risks were below the minimal risk level while the non-carcinogenic risks for adults were higher than those of the children. The THQ for both children and adults were above the 1.0 value stipulated by USEPA as safety limit indicating that regular consumption of these vegetables over a prolonged period of time could expose the consumers to significant health risks.

Keywords: Health Impact; Toxic Metal; Iwo;