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Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 4,Issue 1,2018 Pages 250-252

Effect of Foliar Application with Algae Extracts on Fruit Quality of Sour Orange, Citrus aurantium, L.
Md. A.H.M. Al-Musawi*

This investigation was conducted during 2015 season on the local sour orange trees, Citrus aurantium L., grown in clay soil, under date palm trees and surface irrigation system of a private orchard located about 16 km to the north of Najaf city, Iraq. Twelve years old sour orange trees were sprayed twice, on 1st October and 1st November 2015, with two types of algae extracts, Fucox and Ecklonia, at 0, 1, 2, 3% of each to study their separate influences on some physical and chemical characteristics of fruit. Results showed that spraying trees twice, after fruit-set were effective in enhancing fruit length, fruit width, fruit size, fruit fresh weight, peel thickness , the percentages of, fruit moisture, fruit juice, fruit peel, peel moisture, ascorbic acid (C vitamin) and total soluble solid (T.S.S.). Moreover, they reduced each of the acidity and carotene content. Treatments had a significant effects in comparison with the control, especially with Fucox at 3% which gave the best results for the study.

Keywords: Sour Orange Trees; Algae; Fucox; Ecklonia;