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Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 4,Issue 1,2018 Pages 253-255

Isolation, Characterization and Bioremediation Potentials of Spent Engine Oil Degrading Fungi from Contaminated Soil
D.A. Duniya, D.B. Maikaje, Y.A. Umar, Daniel Abba*, P. Omokunmi

The ability of Fungal Isolates to utilize spent engine oil in contaminated soils from some ten selected major mechanic workshops in Kaduna metropolis as sole source of carbon and energy was studied. Microbes were isolated from ten (10) used engine oil contaminated automobile workshops within Kaduna metropolis and assessed for their bioremediation potential. The identities of the isolated microbes were determined using biochemical and molecular characterization techniques. These organisms were further studied to determine their biodegrading activities on hydrocarbons (used engine oil) using mineral salt medium broth. Fungal species isolated includes Aspergillus niger, Rhizopus sp., Pennicillium sp. and mixed fungal consortium in the following percentages 23.07%, 15.38%, 7.69% and 76.36% respectively. The growth rate pattern in decreasing order is mixed fungi isolates> Aspergillus niger> Rhizopus sp. > Penicillum sp. Therefore, these microbial isolates can be applied for the restoration of petroleum polluted environment using bioremediation technology and should be consider as trial for further pilot studies.

Keywords: Fungi; Bioremediation; Spent Engine Oil;