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Article – Journal of Environmental Sciences

Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 4,Issue 2,2018 Pages 271-274

Trace Metals Charaterisation of Environmental Media (Soils, Water and Tree Barks) Around Cement Manufacturing Area, Nigeria
A.O. Majolagbe*, K.A. Yusuf, S.E. Agunbiade, V.T. Oguntan

The industrial activities remain a major source of pollution to environment. The impact assessment of Cement productions on the environmental media: soils, groundwater and tree barks was thus investigated. Forty (40) composite soils, ten (10) groundwater and six (6) tree barks samples were collected around Dangote Cement, Ibese, and West African Portland Cement Company (WAPCO), Sagamu, Nigeria, and were analysed of trace metals following standard procedure. The concentration of Fe, Cr and Pb in top soils (sub soil) around Dangote ranged from 79.5 – 393 (85.2 – 830), 7.50 - 26.0 (12.0 - 25.0) and 2.5 - 68.5 (2.50 - 11.0) (mg/kg) respectively, while values around WAPCO ranged from 75.0 – 232 (49.6 - 194), 16.0 -31.0 (7.50 - 28.5) and 18.5 - 78.5 (7.50 - 66.5) (mg/kg) respectively. Reduction in metal concentrations with distance from the factories was observed. The order of trace metals in tree bark samples was Fe > Pd > Ni > Cd > Cr > Co. Although, the levels of metals observed are within the normal range found in soil, measures to avoid build-up of trace metals must be in place, to ensure a sustainable environment.

Keywords: Dangote; WAPCO; Environmental Media; Ibese; Sagamu;