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Article – Journal of Nanoscience and Technology

Journal of Nanoscience and Technology, Volume 4,Issue 4,2018 Pages 421-423

Silver Nanoparticles: The Powerful Antidote for Bacterial Blight Disease of Pomegranate
A.S. Sherkhane*, H.H. Suryawanshi, P.S. Mundada, B.P. Shinde


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Successful cultivation is difficult to pomegranate growers due to Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae which cause bacterial blight disease to pomegranate has become serious threat. However, everyone is looking for solution; this problem is resolved by synthesizing silver nanoparticles by the reduction of silver ions in aqueous solutions with the help of green synthesis method. The causative agent was isolated from the infected pomegranate fruits and was tested with silver nanoparticles which are synthesized from leaf extracts of tulsi and neem; and it was found that silver nanoparticle from tulsi extract with 15 mM concentration showed maximum zone of inhibition 22 mm and 19 mm for neem, while at 1 mM concentration shows minimum. This study showed that synthesized silver nanoparticles are powerful weapon to control the growth of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae.

Keywords: Bacterial Blight; Xanthomonas axonopodis; Silver Nitrate;

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