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Article – Journal of Nanoscience and Technology

Journal of Nanoscience and Technology, Volume 2,Issue 3,2016 Pages 151-154

Domain Control of ZnO Nanoparticles using a Coaxial Gas-Flow Ar/O2 Pulse Plasma
H. Shirahata, S. Iizuka*

A limited area, to which ZnO nanoparticles are selectively adhered, is called a domain. Formation of the domain was controlled by using a coaxial gas-flow Ar/O2 pulse plasma. The mechanism of the domain formation was closely related to initial surface condition of Si substrate. Especially, cleaning process was crucial. Here, a patterning of the domain was employed by using a fine mesh as a template. Linear patterning was also established. The formation processes were estimated by SEM and EDX. The technique developed here will be applied to a selective nanoparticle patterning.
Keywords: Zinc Oxide; Nanoparticle Patterning; Pulse Plasma;