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Article – Journal of Natural Products and Resources

Journal of Natural Products and Resources, Volume 2,Issue 2,2016 Pages 71-75

New Protein Hydrolysate from Spirulina platensis used as Peptone in Microbiological Culture Media
Z. Raisa, Q.M. Vivian de Jesús, L.R. Tamara, C.E. Graciela, O.H. Martha Lorena, R.M. Claudio*

Spirulina platensis algae has been used worldwide as an additive in foods and as nutraceutical for different deficiencies and illness due to its high protein content. The main goal of this study was to obtain a peptone from S. platensis appropriate for the growth promotion of bacteria and yeast in culture media. The hydrolysis process of S. platensis by papain was optimal at 70 °C, pH 5, with an enzyme to substrate ratio of 20 % (papain with 3000 Umg-1). S. platensis papainic peptone (SPPP) showed high amino-acid content (67.09 g/100 g), satisfactory level of Nam/Nt ratio (32.5 %), and low loss on drying (3.8 %). Furthermore, we evaluated the microbiological performance of SPPP in general and differential media for eight different microorganism strains. The results indicate that SPPP can be considered an efficient nitrogen source in solid and liquid microbiological culture media for gramnegative, and grampositive bacteria, and yeast. This new peptone is safe for microbial growth and is suitable for microbiological diagnostic, supporting the value of a non-animal protein source in the pharmaceutical industry.

Keywords: Spirulina platensis; Enzymatic Hydrolysis; Protein Hydrolysate; Peptone; Culture Media;