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Article – Journal of Natural Products and Resources

Journal of Natural Products and Resources, Volume 2,Issue 2,2016 Pages 86-89

Characterization of Leaf Phenolic Compounds of Sabicea johnstonii by HPLC-MSn
C.M. Bamawa*, L.M. Ndjele, F.M. Foma

Sabicea johnstonii is reported among wild plant species used by Congolese people for certain purposes. The leaves of this plant are used for beverages. They are also used to lower blood pressure and to treat burns. In a recent study in vitro, it was shown that the scavenging capacity and the reducing power of the leaves decoction of S. johnstonii were mainly due to their polyphenols. They can be used to treat some health problems. The objective of this research work was to characterize the major phenolic compounds of these leaves by HPLC-MSn. Fresh leaves of S. johnstonii, collected at Masako, were drying and their phenols were extracted with methanol for their characterization by HPLC-MSn. These analyses showed the presence of ten major phenolic compounds: dicaffeoylquinic acid, three procyanidins, two quercetin O-glycosides, two kaempferol O-glycosides and two unidentified phenols. The presence of these compounds and the observed antioxidant activities in another study justify the use of these leaves in Congolese traditional medicine and as beverage.

Keywords: Sabicea johnstonii; Phenolic Compounds; HPLC-MSn;