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Article – Journal of Natural Products and Resources

Journal of Natural Products and Resources, Volume 3,Issue 1,2017 Pages 97-101

Pharmacological Properties of Emodin – Anthraquinone Derivatives
R. Sharma*, A.B. Tiku, A. Giri

Quinones are an important class of naturally occurring compounds widely distributed among all respiring organisms. Anthraquinones comprise the largest group of natural quinones. Natural anthraquinones are widely investigated for their potential therapeutic use. Emodin (1,3,8-trihydroxy-6-methyl anthraquinone), an anthraquinone polyphenol present in several medicinal herbs like in the root and rhizome of Rheum palmatum, is an essential component of most Chinese alternative medicine. It exhibits diverse biological activities including anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-mutagenic properties and modulates the immune system, vasomotor system as well as metabolic processes. Emodin is emerging as a new class of compounds for the treatment of radiation injury, cancer, diabetes, neuronal disorders and inflammation associated disease. This review aims to summarize the pharmacological properties of emodin reported to date with emphasis on its biological activities and the promising mechanism of action.

Keywords: Anthraquinone; Emodin; Pharmacology; Anti-cancer; Anti-inflammatory;