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Article – Journal of Natural Products and Resources

Journal of Natural Products and Resources, Volume 3,Issue 2,2017 Pages 130-133

Evaluation of Immunomodulatory Activities of Metabolic Extract of Dalbergia sissoo Bark
Anusha Govindula*

Development in clinical and experimental immunology strongly suggests that many infectious diseases and disorders arise because of stressful environmental conditions associated with suppression of immune system. It is evident that certain types of stress evoke physiological changes that influence susceptibility to infection and malignance. Currently there has been an increased interest globally to identify immunostimulant compounds that are pharmacologically potent and have low or no side effects for use in preventive medicine and food industry. The widespread use of traditional herbs and medicinal plants has been traced to the occurrence of natural products with medicinal properties. The present study aimed to investigate Immunomodulatory effect of Dalbergia sissoo bark by using four methods named as Humoral immune response, WBC count, cellular immune response, and Carbon clearance test. Administration of Dalbergia sissoo produced a significant stimulation of immune system. And also it can be concluded that the immunostimulatory property of extract was dose dependent.

Keywords: Immune System; Humoral Immune Response; Immunestimulant; Dalbergia sissoo Bark; Cell Mediated Immune Response;