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Article – Journal of Natural Products and Resources

Journal of Natural Products and Resources, Volume 3,Issue 2,2017 Pages 137-140

Antifungal Activity of Crude Extract and Metabolites of Leaves of Enantia chlorantha Oliv. (African Yellow Wood)
I.O. Akpan*, R.E. Ogali, O. Achugasim

An ethanol extract of leaves of Enantia chlorantha (LE) was treated with NaHCO3, HCl and chloroform to obtain acidic metabolite (ALE), basic metabolites (BLE) and neutral metabolite (NLE) respectively. Phytochemical investigation revealed the presence of flavonoids and aldehydes/ketones in all the samples; alkaloids in LE, ALE and NLE; saponins in LE, ALE and BLE; carbohydrates in ALE; steroids in LE; terpenoids in ALE and BLE, cardiac glycosides in LE and BLE and phenols in BLE and NLE. Soluble extractives of the plant sample were also studied using four different solvents in both cold and hot extraction. Solvents used were petroleum ether, chloroform, ethanol and water. Highest soluble extractive values were found with water and ethanol (21.84%/23.78% and 22.28%/30.78%) while the least extractive values were found in chloroform and petroleum ether (10.50%/10.66% and 7.00%/10.93%) for cold and hot extraction respectively. Antifungal activity of LE, ALE, BLE, NLE and Ketoconazole (standard) showed that all the fungal pathogens were resistant to ALE and BLE. LE and NLE exhibited reasonable activity against the pathogens which were comparable with the activity of the standard. NLE showed higher zones of inhibition than LE in almost all the pathogens tested.

Keywords: Phytochemical Screening; Antifungal Activity; Enantia chlorantha; Metabolites;