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Article – Journal of Natural Products and Resources

Journal of Natural Products and Resources, Volume 4,Issue 2,2018 Pages 191-195

Preparation of Harmless Play Dough with Some Vegetable Dyes
Adem Onal*, Meryem Bakrac, Ferda Eser


Preparation of harmless play dough process with vegetable dyes were investigated using various plant extracts (pomegranate flower, onionskin, purple basil, spinach, walnut leaves, red beet, red cabbage, turmeric, Turkish coffee, woad and red pepper) and powders of some plants (woad and Turkish coffee) as direct dye. Play doughs were obtained with plant extract. For this purpose, processed wheat flour with powders of plants by using kneading method with combination of various adjuvants were used. Decay times at room and cold ambient temperatures were determined. Texture and glutomatic system analysis were done for the investigation of the elasticity and elongation features. Prepared play doughs were used as a practical in order to understand whether they show any allergen status during and after play in kindergarten and nursery. The play dough obtained from unheated method was conquered to the other methods based on their properties of both color and longevity.

Keywords: Pomegranate Flower; Walnut Leaves; Play Dough;