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Article – Journal of Advanced Electrochemistry

Journal of Advanced Electrochemistry, Volume 1,Issue 1,2015 Pages 1-4

A Highly Selective Potentiometric Sensor Based on 2,2'-Dithiosalicylic Acid for Sensitive Determination of Pb2+ in Aqueous Solution
A. Yari*, N. Akhavan

Here, we report the application of 2,2'-dithiosalicylic acid (DTSA) as a highly selective and sensitive reagent in construction of an efficient sensing element for a durable carbon past electrode for selective potentiometric determination of lead (II) in aqueous solution. This sensor exhibits a Nernstian response for Pb2+ ion in a wide concentration range from 8.3 x 10 -6 to 3.0 x 10 -1 M with a limit of detection 6.7 x 10 -6 M. A short response time (~50 s) and the capability of being used without any considerable divergence in measuring potentials for at least four months are distinguished characteristics of this electrode. The proposed electrode was successfully applied to potentiometric determination of Pb2+ ion in some different real samples. The merit of data gathered by this electrode was proven by atomic absorption spectrometry as a standard method. The comparison was reasonably acceptable and revealed the good efficiency of the sensor to introduce as a tool with trustworthy qualities for determination of lead (II).
Keywords: 2,2'-Dithiosalicylic Acid; Carbon Paste Electrode Lead (II); Potentiometric Sensor