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Article – Journal of Advanced Electrochemistry

Journal of Advanced Electrochemistry, Volume 2,Issue 3,2016 Pages 113-116

Protective Effect of 1-(Phenylthiomethyl)Benzotriazole and 1-(Benzylthiomethyl) Benzotriazole towards Corrosion of Brass in Polluted Natural Sea Water
R. Parkavi, N. Ramalakshmi, R. Ravichandran*

Benzotriazole derivatives, namely 1-(phenylthiomethyl)benzotriazole (PTBT) and 1-(benzyl thiomethyl)benzotriazole (BMBT) were synthesized and their inhibition behaviour on brass in polluted natural sea water were investigated by weight-loss measurements, potentiodynamic polarization and electrochemical impedance techniques. Results obtained revealed that these compounds exhibited good inhibition efficiency in sulphide polluted natural sea water. Potentiodynamic polarization studies showed that the PTBT and BMBT behave as a mixed-type of inhibitors for brass in polluted natural sea water. Changes in the impedance parameters, charge transfer resistance (Rct) and double layer capacitance (Cdl)) are related to adsorption of organic inhibitors on the metal surface, leading to the formation of a protective film.
Keywords: Brass; Benzotriazoles; Impedance; Polarization; Polluted Sea Water;