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Article – Journal of Advanced Electrochemistry

Journal of Advanced Electrochemistry, Volume 2,Issue 4,2016 Pages 136-140

A Study of the Corrosion Performance of Aluminum Alloy 7075T6 in Various Superficial and Conducting Polymer Coating Conditions for Aerospace Applications
I. Pereyra, M. Nicho, A.M. Ramirez-Arteaga, E.F. Diaz, E. Valenzuela, S. Serna*

In this work several superficial conditions of aluminum alloy T6 were study in NaCl solution with and without conductor polymer (CP) coating P3OT (poly (3-octyl thiophene) for corrosion resistant in aerospace applications. The results show that the aluminum the anodized condition and aluminum alloy T6 deprived of any coating and superficial treatment shows the worst corrosion performance. On the other wat aluminum samples anodized plus P3OT coating gives the better corrosion rates but aluminum alloys and P3OT are also a good option for preventing corrosion in NaCl environment.
Keywords: Semiconductor Polymer Coatings; Superficial Treatments; Aluminum Alloy;