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Article – Journal of Advanced Electrochemistry

Journal of Advanced Electrochemistry, Volume 4,Issue 1,2018 Pages 152-157

Electrochemical Study of Candesartan Drug as Corrosion Inhibitor for Carbon Steel in Acid Medium
Adel H. Ali*


Candesartan drug was utilized as an inhibitor for carbon steel (CS) corrosion in 1 M HCl by utilizing many techniques: weight loss (WL), electrochemical frequency modulation (EFM), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and potentiodynamic polarization (PP) techniques. WL is investigated at various temperatures between (25 – 45 °C) but all electrochemical studies at room temperature. The inhibition efficiency (% IE) increment with expanding doses of the Candesartan drug. The activation and the adsorption parameters were investigated and calculated by the effect of temperature on the inhibition of corrosion. The adsorption of the Candesartanon CS surface was found to obey with Langmuir adsorption model. The morphology of inhibited CS was analyzed by the energy dispersive X-ray spectroscope (EDX), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning electron microscope (SEM). All techniques were utilized to examine the corrosion inhibition of the drug and confirm the formation thin film adsorbed on the metal surface and prevent the corrosion process. Polarization data revealed that this drug affect both anodic and cathodic reactions.

Keywords: Corrosion Inhibition; Carbon Steel; Adsorption;