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Article – Journal of Advanced Electrochemistry

Journal of Advanced Electrochemistry, Volume 1,Issue 1,2015 Pages 16-18

Electrochemical Study of 6-Bromo-3-[N-(3-Chloro-Benzylidene)-Hydrazino]-Chromene-2-One by Cyclic Voltammetry, Its DNA Interaction Study using UV-Visible Spectroscopy
R. Das*, S. Saxena, A. Saxena

The present paper investigates the electrochemical behavior of 6-Bromo-3-[N-(3-chloro-benzylidene) -hydrazino]-chromene-2-one synthesized earlier and its interaction with salmon sperm fish DNA. Electrochemical study of these compounds done in 0.1 molL-1 BR buffer (Britton Robinson) and 0.1M LiCl used as a supporting electrolyte by cyclic voltamtery. CV study reveal that synthesized compound show 1e- diffusion control, irreversible reduction peak. The diffusion coefficients of these derivatives were also calculated, after that DNA-interaction study done by UV-Visible spectrophotometer that show coumarin interacts with DNA via intercalation mode involving outside edge stacking interactions with the oxygen atom of the phosphate backbone of DNA and the result of these type of interaction are denaturation of DNA strand which seem by hypochromism in the emission spectra of these complex. Binding/association constants of these complexes were also calculated in this paper.

Keywords: 6-Bromo-3-[N-(3-chloro-benzylidene)-hydrazino]-chromene-2-one; Cyclic Voltamtery; UV-Visible Spectroscopy;