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Article – Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Research

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Research, Volume 1,Issue 1,2015 Pages 1-5

A Novel Analogue of Delavirdine Developed by Replacing Its Indole Nucleus with Isatin’s Mannich’s Base and Pyridine Nucleus with Pyrimidine Ring
R. Mishra*, D. Kishore

Delavirdine has been recently approved by FDA for its application in the treatment of AIDS. As its efficacy has been lower than other approved NNRTIs. Therefore, its use was not recommended as a part of initial therapy but in combination with other drugs. To circumvent this therapeutic difficulty a search of new delavirdine analogue with enhanced activity was pursued. A survey on the other recently FDA approved NNRTs revealed that a pyrimidine derivative ‘etravirine’ has emerged as one of the most potent and powerful anti-HIV agent. This discovery provided optimism that a better analogue of delavirdine could perhaps be developed by substituting pyrimidine nucleus in its molecule. We report in the communication the preliminary results of the study focused in the direction of designing an amended analogue of delavirdine in which the pyridine part of the delavirdine was replaced by pyrimidine nucleus.
Keywords: Delavirdine; AIDS; NNRTIs and Etravirine; HAART

Journal of Pharmaceutical and
Medicinal Research