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Article – Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Research

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Research, Volume 2,Issue 1,2016 Pages 36-38

Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Biological Activity of Cu(II), Ni(II) and Co(II) Transition Metals Complexes with the Ligand 2-Amino-4-(P- Dihydroxy Phenyl) Thiazoline
Dinkar Malik*

A series of new copper(II), cobalt(II) and nickel(II) complexes of the ligand 2-amino-4-(p-dihydroxy phenyl) thiazoline were prepared and characterized. Complexes were formed by the treatment of metal salts with ligand 2-amino-4-(p-dihydroxy phenyl) thiazoline in 1:2 molar ratio in ethanolic medium and yield was about 76-79%. From the analytical and spectral data the stoichiometry of these complexes have been found to be of the type ML2X2 (where M = Cu (II), Co (II) and Ni (II)). Evidences indicate that these complexes exhibit octahedral and square planar geometry. The fungicidal activities of ligands and metal complexes were screened by growth method against various fungi i.e. Dreschlere setramera, Fusarium oxysporum, Macrophomera phaseoli at different concentrations. It is found that the activity decreases with decrease of concentration and the metal complexes are less toxic than the parent ligand.

Keywords: Transition Metal Complexes; Thiazoline Ligand; Fungicidal Activity;

Journal of Pharmaceutical and
Medicinal Research